HOPE was established in 2009 bringing together some thirty-nine churches of many denominations in Macclesfield and Bollington and the surrounding villages. I is a visible sign of the  Kingdom working together in Love, Faith and Hope to make a difference for Christ’s sake and a visible sign of the churches' commitment to each other. It is affiliated to Churches Together in Britain and Ireland.

The Forum of church leaders meets for fellowship, worship, discussion and policy-making six times a year and organises a one-day retreat sustaining relationships between leaders. A steering group of church leaders and lay people acts as the executive. The chair is Reverend Marion tugwood, Minister of the United Reform church.

HOPE encourages shared worship and prayer, learning, service and evangelism and promotes initiatives in mission and service which encourage local churches to work together. Much prayer and effort also goes into strengthening long-term working partnerships between the churches and other christian organisations, their local communities and the providers of educational, health, policing, fire and rescue and social services.

HOPE involves lots of members of the churches as volunteer in a wide range of initiatives some of which are highlighted above. Mission action groups encourage like-minded people to come together across the district to respond to their calling and share their passions to make things happen. They focus on proclaiming the good news, teaching and nurturing, loving service, transforming injustice and safeguarding creation.